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Steven Machtinger, MD & Associates, Inc.
100 South Ellsworth Avenue
Suite 707
San Mateo, CA 94401
Telephone: 650.696.8230
FAX: 650.696.8238
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Billing Questions: 650.696.8230 ext 306
Appointments: To make an appointment call 650-696-8230 or send an Email. When calling after hours, leave your name, patient's name, and telephone number on the receptionist's voicemail. We'll return your call on the next morning the office is open.
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Refilling prescriptions: We use an electronic prescription writing program for optimal accuracy & safety. To refill a prescription call your pharmacy. They will contact us. Allow 24 hours weekdays & 72 hours weekends for processing. Best medical practice requires an office visit in the past year to assure that prescribed medications remain appropriate.
Food Allergy in San Mateo County Preschools: Anaphylaxis in Preschool Children










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